crb846: Capstone Research Project

Business Mentors

Jessica Martin Eckerly

Credentials: MBA, M.S. in Biotechnology

Position title: CEO and Co-Founder

Ben Seffrood

Credentials: MBA, MS in Biotechnology

Position title: Manufacturing Finance, Illumina (Madison); Adjunct Professor, MS in Biotechnology Program, UW-Madison

Hemanth Shenoi

Credentials: PhD in Immunology

Position title: Associate Director Product Management, NeoGenomics Laboratories

Cheryl Vickroy

Credentials: MBA

Position title: Founder and Principal
Bachner Vickroy Group, LLC

Scientific Mentors

Natalie Betz

Credentials: Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Position title: Academic Director
M.S. in Biotechnology Program (in-person)
M.S. in Applied Biotechnology (online)
Capstone Certificate in Applied Bioinformatics
School of Medicine and Public Health
University of Wisconsin - Madison

Mark Cigan

Credentials: M.S. Zoology, Ph.D.

Position title: Global Head of Genetic Innovation

Scott Fulton

Credentials: MS in Physics, Biology & Biomedical Engineering

Position title: Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Cellara, LLC

Laura Strong

Credentials: PhD in Organic Chemistry

Position title: Vice President, Strategy and Healthcare
DataChat Inc.