A Lifelong Professional Network

Relationships Matter

Two students in conversation while walking together
Class 2017 students, Alex Procak and Adam Dunn

At the heart of the M.S. in Biotechnology Program are the professional relationships you develop with other students, staff, faculty and industry leaders, and the over 400 program alumni —the “Biotech Badger” community. They begin as students and continue after graduation with the program serving as an ongoing networking conduit and lasting source of professional support.

Students and alumni are offered free or discounted attendance to annual scientific gatherings, including:

These opportunities enable people to enrich their professional networks by engaging with the most active researchers and leaders in the biotechnology industry. The program also hosts private social and professional networking events exclusively for students and alumni.

It’s estimated that 70% to 80% of all jobs are never posted and up to 80% of positions filled are done so through a professional network [*].

Ven diagram showing overlapping professional network resources in the MS in Biotechnology Program
A many layered professional network

The M.S. in Biotechnology Program understands a primary reason people choose this degree is for career advancement. This program prepares you with the cross-functional skills for leadership and greater responsibility in the biotech industry, and helps you find those hidden career opportunities only available through an expanded professional network.

With over 20 years of graduates, the M.S. in Biotechnology student and alumni network includes over 450 people who share an ambition to make impactful contributions to the biotech industry, their employers, and the colleagues with whom they work.

Students and alumni are very active on LinkedIn and consistently communicate with each other through a private LinkedIn group exclusively for MS in Biotechnology graduates, faculty, and staff. Alumni regularly share job openings within the program’s alumni network, often to list openings on their team or fill their current positions when they are promoted.


The MS in Biotechnology Program keeps the door open for career support. Feel free to submit a request for help.

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