For Prospective Students

Many Prospective Audiences

Working Professionals

With industry-focused content, project-based assignments, and evening/weekend classes, this degree is designed for professionals working full-time in the biotechnology industry or related field.

Alana Barnes with Kevin Conroy

Prospective International Students

Are you a prospective student with international citizenship interested in earning this industry-focused biotechnology degree? The world-renowned UW-Madison awaits you if your professional goals and experience match this program's curriculum.

International students in the lab

Professional Talent Relocating Here

Are you interested in relocating to Madison, Wisconsin for work and this degree? Wisconsin is an amazing place to live, learn, work, and grow. Career growth and biotechnology employment opportunities abound!

Downtown Madison, Wisconsin

Interested Undergraduates

Are you an undergraduate in the life sciences considering a career in biotechnology? Hundreds of biotech jobs await you in Madison, Wisconsin. Start your career here, gain industry experience, then join this program. We can help you.

Map of local biotech companies in the Madison area

25-min Program Overview Video

Natalie Betz, PhDThe 25-minute presentation above is a MUST SEE and is similar to the informational presentations we regularly deliver to regional biotechnology companies for employees interested in the degree.

Natalie Betz, Associate Director, shares details about the curriculum, the application process, and the types of career outcomes to expect. Watching this video will help you understand if this professional degree is right for you.

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