Class of 2012

Matthew Armson

Position title: Commercial Director - Global Applied Business, LGC Biosearch Technologies (Dallas-Fort Worth, TX)

Sarah Burton

Position title: Senior Scientist, FUJIFILM Cellular Dynamics International

Abigail Davis

Credentials: MS in Biotechnology

Position title: Senior Quality Assurance Manager, Promega Corporation
Adjunct Professor, MS in Biotechnology Program, UW-Madison

Firmin Delago

Position title: Microbiologist, Microbial Discovery Group (Franklin, WI)

Matthew Etmanczyk

Position title: Senior Business Development Director, Labcorp Drug Development

Marisa Feller (Crooks)

Position title: Business Unit Manager, Eurofins (Madison)

Andrew Fox

Position title: Validation Project Lead, Labcorp Drug Development

Gregg Gazvoda

Position title: Senior Manager IT - Validation, PPD (Madison)

Deanne Glewen

Position title: Lead Medical Technologist - Blood Bank, PeaceHealth Laboratories (Bellingham, WA)

Thomas Hershberger

Position title: Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Berntsen International, Inc. (Madison)

Svetlana Jasinovica

Position title: Research & Development Scientist II, Lucigen (Madison)

Cynthia Kelm-Nelson

Credentials: PhD, Zoology, UW-Madison; MS in Biotechnology, UW-Madison

Position title: Associate Scientist, School of Medicine and Public Health, University of Wisconsin - Madison

Elizabeth Klatt

Position title: Quality Control Manager, Esperion - The Lipid Management Company (Madison)

Julia Lederer

Position title: AD Medical Writing, PPD (Madison)

Jason Mlsna

Position title: Regional Account Director, Sanofi Genzyme

Lindsay Noyes

Position title: Group Leader, PPD (Madison)

Keerthna Prakash

Position title: Manager, Deloitte Consulting (San Francisco, CA)

Antonio Rauti

Position title: Licensing Analyst, Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF)

Avijit Sen

Credentials: PhD, Chemistry, Indian Institute of Science; MS in Biotechnology, UW-Madison

Position title: Senior Technology Licensing Officer (Marketing & Business Development Executive), University of Rhode Island Research Foundation (URI Ventures)

Soofia Siddiqui

Position title: Senior Research Associate, Labcorp Drug Development

Kayla Sirianni (Ericson)

Position title: Program Manager, Exact Sciences

Tania Smith (Strimple)

Position title: Non-clinical Data Associate, Labcorp Drug Development

Kal Watson

Position title: Research Compliance Officer, William S. Middleton Memorial Veterans Hospital (Madison)

Tobias Zutz

Position title: CEO & Co-Founder, Gregor Diagnostics (Madison)