Matthew Brieger, M.S.

Alumni Profile:

In pursuit of management opportunities.

Working his way up from an entry level process chemist to Chemist 2 at MilliporeSigma in Madison, Matthew Brieger became interested in other parts of the business, primarily operational strategy and management.

“I didn’t want a master’s program that taught me a lot about a little.”

Brieger wanted to find a master’s program where he could gather as much information as possible and apply it to his career path. The Master of Science in Biotechnology Program offered him an opportunity to gain broad business and legal knowledge of the biotechnology industry while pursuing these different career paths.

Critical thinking and time management.

The program changed the way Brieger thinks about and approaches problems he faces in his current position. He learned to approach problems from a more strategic point of view. In particular, Brieger applied what he was learning in the program to implement strategic operational improvements which enhanced the overall execution of manufacturing projects at his company. This shift in perspective enabled Brieger to more effectively assess how potential decisions will affect the business as a whole, as opposed to evaluating the options from a narrower point of view.

Brieger continued to work full time while completing the M.S. in Biotechnology Program, primarily serving as a Manufacturing Supervisor at MilliporeSigma. While the program is designed for individuals working full time, Brieger found that he needed to improve his time-management habits, both professionally and personally. In the process of managing his graduate school responsibilities, Brieger became more efficient at allocating his time at work which ultimately benefited his clients and employer.

Immediate real-world applications.

Shortly after completing his degree, Brieger was made a Project Manager at MilliporeSigma and became directly responsible for the execution of unique contract manufacturing projects for clients. Brieger applies lessons from the program every day, whether he is utilizing specific management techniques or assessing situations from a more strategic perspective.

“I continually use the knowledge and skills I’ve gained.”

According to Brieger, the Master of Science in Biotechnology Program at the University of Wisconsin – Madison has directly impacted his clients and their work. As a result of the regulatory coursework for the program, Brieger began to assess the specific needs of each individual client based on their development or clinical stage. This approach is especially critical for a contract manufacturing organization like Brieger’s to ensure that only the work required for the particular stage is performed. Brieger is able to save time and money with this “phase appropriate” approach, allowing clients to reinvest those resources in the development of other therapies.

Brieger’s career growth continued in March 2017, when he relocated to Chicago, Illinois to accept a Project Manager position with Regis Technologies, a privately owned pharmaceutical service provider that helps expedite drugs to market. More recently, he pursued a new opportunity with First Wave Biopharma, continuing his career in project management.

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Matthew Brieger, M.S.

Matthew Brieger, M.S.
Class of 2016
Project Manager
First Wave Biopharma

First Wave Biopharma

Regis Technologies

Millipore Sigma