Linda Miller, M.S.

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Realizing my full potential.

Linda Miller’s career history evolved from pure bench science R&D, to co-founding a company, to a managerial role within a global pharmaceutical company.

While traveling this career path, Miller realized that a graduate degree would not only enhance her career and earning potential, but also be rewarding personally and intellectually.

“Having graduated from the program in 2005…and knowing what I do now,” says Miller, “Was it worth it? YES!”

“I have been recognized for my accomplishments and new skills both financially and by additional corporate project involvement.”

Hard work and vision rewarded with responsibility and growth.

When she started the program in 2003, Miller worked in “the daily grind”: directing the development, planning and implementation of manufacturing methods, processes and operations. After graduating from the program, she was rewarded with additional responsibilities including being chosen to participate in corporate projects (such as a key user in new ERP system implementation), became involved in operational logistics and demand planning/forecasting—all to ensure the business ran without interruption due to the implementation of new systems. She was also recruited to actively participate in the logistics for new product launches.

“New product launch is analogous to starting a new company. We had to formulate a business plan, derive financials for 5 year and 10 year expectations, explain and justify ROI, prove feasibility, perform the R&D, transition to manufacturing including scale-up, get regulatory approval, achieve milestones for Merck approval and advocate for further financial support of the product line.

The entire MS curriculum prepared me to provide valuable contributions for this project, and benefit both professionally and personally.”

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About the M.S. in Biotechnology, UW-Madison

Established in 2002, the Master of Science in Biotechnology at UW-Madison is a two-year cross-disciplinary program for scientists, technical professionals, business strategists and attorneys seeking to advance their career in the biotechnology industry without having to put their career on hold.

The project-based curriculum focuses on the development and commercialization of new technologies and provides a diverse mix of science, business, bioethics, regulatory policy and patent law.

Students are instructed by world-renowned scholars and leading industry professionals in the biotechnology field. Graduates join a powerful professional network of over 350 alumni.

Linda Miller, M.S.
Linda Miller, M.S.
Class of 2005
Senior Manager, Manufacturing
Luminex Corporation

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